• Increasing Your Car's Long-Term Value
  • Increasing Your Car's Long-Term Value 2
  • Published: 6 March 2024

Increasing Your Car's Long-Term Value

Perhaps you’re looking to sell your car soon? Or maybe you’ve just bought one and want to maintain its value as long as possible? Your car is a big part of your life and finances, so getting the best immediate and eventual price for it is paramount. Here are our top five ways for increasing your car’s value!


1. Regular Maintenance and Servicing

Selling Your Car: If you’re looking to sell your car, make sure all routine maintenance is up to date. This may mean changing the oil, replacing old tyres, or ensuring all fluids are at the correct levels. The more maintenance you can do for your car, the more reassurance you’ll be giving potential buyers on its reliability and care.

Post-Purchase: Having just purchased a new car, you’ll likely be purchasing one that’s been recently serviced, perhaps even had a recent MOT. Now you’ll need to keep on top of this, keeping all your vehicle’s registration manuals, having its necessary annual MOT, and undertaking regular servicing to not only maintain value, but for your own driving safety.


2. Keep It Clean

Selling Your Car: Regularly cleaning your car, both inside and out, can prevent long-term wear and tear. For instance, keeping the exterior clean and waxed can protect the paint, while vacuuming the interior can prevent the upholstery from becoming stained and worn.

Post-Purchase: With Spencer’s, your new car is guaranteed to be sparkling! But to hold its value, don’t let standards slide. Regular cleaning, whether by yourself or a professional cleaning service, will ensure your car remains not only looking glamorous, but protected against more serious dirt, bacteria, and external damage.


3. Make Minor Repairs

Selling Your Car: Addressing minor repairs as they arise can prevent them from becoming major issues down the line, most importantly for your own safety and for those you’re handing your car over to. This includes fixing small dents, scratches, or windshield chips, which can worsen if neglected.

Post-Purchase: Spencer’s Car Sales will ensure your car is at its optimum safety the moment you’re ready to hit the road! We make sure all our vehicles have the relevant checks and authorisations that otherwise prevent a sale from proceeding, and many of our vehicles have excellent service history. But if you’ve still got any questions about a particular vehicle’s service history, we’re more than happy to help!


4. Upgrade and Update Where It Counts

Selling Your Car: Investing in key upgrades can keep your car relevant and desirable for your enjoyment long before you think of selling it. This doesn't have to mean major overhauls, but could be pleasures like installing a Bluetooth system, or more broadly upgrading the car's entertainment system that keep your car more competitive on our lot.

Post-Purchase: Spencer’s has a variety of cars on sale that continuously offer features like privacy glass, Bluetooth systems, BOSE-audio and more! With any purchase you make with us, you’re bound to have something new waiting for you!

5. Gather All Documentation

Selling Your Car: Comprehensive documentation is invaluable, both for maintaining your car's value over time and for increasing its sale price. Keep all service records, receipts for any repairs or upgrades, and any warranties or manuals. This documentation can prove the car's history of maintenance and care, providing potential buyers with peace of mind and justification for a higher asking price.

Post-Purchase: Spencer’s Car Sales ensures all customers have their car’s documentation and other relevant service information when they purchase from us. If you also use Spencer’s MOT services, it’s a great way to carry on working with us, where we’ll already know your car like the back of our hand!



Through this advice, you’ll be keeping your car’s value high whether buying or selling with us. Spencer’s Car Sales not only recommends taking these steps to maintain your vehicle's value but also to make it stand out in the competitive used car market. Remember, a well-maintained, clean car with a clear history and thoughtful upgrades will always attract more attention and command a higher price.


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Cars need to meet minimum emission standards when travelling in the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) or the daily charge must be paid.

Minimum emission standards

Petrol: Euro 4
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The ULEZ will be enforced based on the declared emissions of the vehicle rather than the age. However:

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