6 of the best family used cars

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These days families come in all shapes and sizes and many families have two or more cars. Nonetheless, there’s still a big market for a traditional style family car. So what makes a great family car?

Family cars have to be pretty good all-rounders. They tend to be used daily, often for both the school run and the work commute as well as having to taxi family members around on the weekend, carry shopping and cope with holiday luggage. Ideally a good family car will be practical, spacious and cheap to run. Check out our recommendations for six of the best family used cars.

The Ford Focus is a popular family car. It’s a comfortable ride and easy to handle. It also has a reputation for safety and some very economical engines.

The Skoda Octavia is one of the best-selling mid-range family vehicles around. It’s very spacious, with room for five adults and a huge boot. Overall it’s a solid, reliable and practical buy.

The Toyota Avensis is another comfortable mid-range vehicle that’s great for families. Its advanced safety system is one reason for its popularity, and it’s a smooth driving experience.

The Vauxhall Astra has to be one of the best family hatchbacks on the market. It has an economical engine, air-conditioning, a big boot and plenty of leg and headroom. It’s practical, spacious, well equipped and good to drive.

The Volkswagen Passat is great value. It’s stylish and spacious, as well as being a practical family car with an efficient yet powerful engine.

Another contender for great family car is the Honda Civic, a stylish practical hatchback. It has a large boot, economical engines, plenty of leg room and a reputation for reliability.