The Evolution Of The Golf R32

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Last week we spoke about the Golf tournaments and cunningly segued into the VW Golf. Well to continue on a similar theme we have no delved into the iconic Golf R32’s history. As one of our biggest sellers here in Norfolk we thought it seemed fitting. Enjoy

A sleek, fun, powerful and roomy hatchback equipped with cutting edge features at every turn, it is little wonder that the Golf R32 has grown in popularity so steadily since its first release. Here at Spencers in Norfolk, it remains one of the most sought after cars for sale in Norwich. It seems customers simply can’t get enough of its hot hatchback looks and superior, driver-friendly performance.

So how did the current model develop to be the powerhouse it is? To find out, let’s look back at the evolution of the Golf R range.

The early years

Back in 2002, Volkswagen wanted to take its Golf model to the next level. To do it, they maximised the performance with all-wheel drive, dual clutch transmission and a 3.2 litre VR6 engine, and christened the result the R32. Here was a hot hatch that really performed.

The mid-period

Come 2005, the folks at Volkswagen were introducing their fifth Golf to the world and decided to complement it with a new R32. Though not as popular as the earlier iteration, this R32 was a real beast, with dazzling 250 horsepower pumping through its body and an ultra-slick silver grille at its front.

In 2009, however, the game would really change. There was a Golf R32 for sale that year with a whopping FSI 2.0 litre turbo engine. With reinforced pistons and a huge turbocharger and intercooler combo, this baby hit 270 horsepower, offering a speedier, lighter, livelier driving experience.

The present

The newest Golf R is perhaps the most daring iteration yet: a 296 horsepower behemoth that goes from 0 to 60 in a stunning 4.9 seconds. With all the flash and style you would expect from a Golf R32, this model takes the performance up to new and dizzy heights, making it one of the best hot hatchbacks on the road.

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