Tips for buying a used car

Used Cars in Norwich, Norfolk


Buying a quality used car can undoubtedly be a sound financial move, which is why sales are increasing at their highest rate in a decade. But there are some important tips to remember when you’re planning to buy a vehicle that’s had a previous owner.

The first, and most important, rule of buying a used car is to find a dealership you can trust, one that specialises in selling used cars, rather than treating them as the back-end of their business. So search for a reputable firm, preferably in your area, that’s already well established.

Carefully considering your budget is another must, and you shouldn’t just think about the initial price tag. Ask for insurance quotes, find out what the tax rate is and calculate the cost of any works it might need in the relatively near future.

If you find a model you like, research the price before you commit to the sale. Also read performance reviews from other drivers, because one of the benefits of buying an older car is that any glitches will be well documented by the time you’re looking at it.

You will obviously want to test the car out, but don’t just see how it feels to drive. Ask the dealership staff what it takes to maintain. If they can’t give you all the information you want, you should probably shop elsewhere.

The service history of a car will provide vital details about how it’s been running, so ask to see it. If there are signs of a persistent fault, make sure you have a guarantee it has been fixed, or assurances that the problem is reflected in the price.

Buying a used car can be a satisfying experience: just make sure you buy it from a dealer with integrity.

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