Why choose finance for your prestige car?

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There are many reasons to consider a finance package when you purchase a prestige car. Whether you’re just a little impatient to buy the perfect car, or simply need greater flexibility for your funds, a finance package could work for you.

Buy your prestige car when it suits you

If you opt for a finance package, you can buy your luxury car at a time to suit you, rather than waiting to have the full purchase price available in the bank. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase the car of your dreams simply because the timing isn’t quite right financially. You may be assured of an annual work bonus or have an investment maturing in a few months, but see a prestige car you want to buy in the meantime. A finance package gives you control over when to make your purchase.

Financial flexibility

Rather than part with all of the funds for your prestige car at once, you may prefer to pay a deposit and a monthly repayment in order to keep some of your capital available for other financial commitments or simply to set aside in case of unexpected expenses arising.

Invest your capital elsewhere

With interest rates currently low, finance packages are an attractive option. Many people are realising that their money can work better for them invested elsewhere, rather than being paid in full at the point of purchase. Even some of the super-rich, such as premier league footballers, are now choosing to take advantage of low interest rates on car finance packages when purchasing high end prestige cars. This allows them to invest the balance of the capital, which has the opportunity to yield a return which can easily outweigh the costs of the finance package.

Car finance at Spencers Car Sales

We work with two partner organisations, Close Brother Motor Finance and Blackhorse Finance, to provide you with a range of finance options when you purchase your prestige car. Both personal contract purchase and hire purchase packages are available. Call us for more information about the finance options available for Spencers Car Sales customers.