Why an elite vehicle specialist will always offer the best price

Used Cars in Norwich, Norfolk


Selling a car requires some careful decisions if you are keen to get the right price. Placing an advert for private sale or making the sale through an auction site might seem the easy choice for making a quick sale, but you always run the risk of getting ripped off unless you know exactly what price you are looking for. You want to be sure that you get paid a fair amount for your motor, and that the sale process runs smoothly. This is why it might be better to consider selling to a trusted and established motor sales company who know exactly what your car is worth and can give you a very fair price for it.

If you drive a classic or prestige vehicle, it is even more important to get a fair sale. Many factors can affect the value of a car, from its condition and age to its rarity and history. An authorised dealership specialising in elite vehicles will know much more about the background and story your vehicle has, and will be able to assess its price fairly. They can also make sure proper consideration is given to the car’s modification history, understanding which changes and improvements might actually raise a car’s value – and which can decrease it.

If you are considering selling your car and want to know what we could offer for it, contact Spencers Car Sales today on 01603 266000 or complete our helpful online request form. Provide as much information as you can about your car, and we will let you know what we could offer you for it. You can take the money or use the sale value against the cost of a new vehicle from our extensive range.