Why you should buy a used car this winter and get insurance with Adrian Flux

Used Cars in Norwich, Norfolk

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Autumn is already upon us and that means it won’t be long until winter arrives in full force. Now – perhaps more so than ever – is the best time to consider buying a used car. If the temptation to purchase a vehicle has been on your mind for quite some time, here are three reasons why you should pounce and buy the motor now and get used car insurance with Adrian Flux.

The weather

For many, the weather will probably be the biggest driving force behind buying a used car. If you rely on public transport or your old car isn’t reliable, you’ll be risking getting caught in the rain quite a bit over the next few months. That’s without even mentioning that the temperature is sure to plummet as well – meaning you’ll be dealing with freezing conditions on a day to day basis.

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Special occasions

Winter is full of special occasions, Christmas in particular. The festive period is all about spending lots of time with family and friends, however, if you don’t already own a car then meeting up with your loved ones can be difficult. Make life easier for yourself by buying a used car and arriving on time on the 25th.

The price

It is a well-known fact that used cars are cheaper than new cars. While the price difference is tempting all year round, it only becomes more apparent over the winter. The winter can be expensive, what with increased electricity bills and presents to buy for Christmas. Don’t blow your budget on a new car and choose a used car instead.

Get insurance with Adrian Flux

Once you’ve decided on the perfect used car for you, be sure to get insurance with Adrian Flux. You’ll be guaranteed competitive rates and superb customer service along the way.