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  • 4 more essential tips for buying a used car

    19/07/2016 14:24:56

    If you love a bargain and are in the market for a mid-range car, there are many benefits of buying a used car.

    Before you make your purchase, you should first take a few precautions to ensure you're getting a good deal and won't be spending a lot of money down the line on repairs.

  • 3 things you might not have known about the Ford Mondeo

    19/07/2016 11:18:09

    Ford Mondeo

    The Ford Mondeo is one of the American manufacturer's most popular vehicles in this country, behind only the Fiesta and Focus in terms of sales in the United Kingdom over the last two decades. It has been revamped several times over the years, but is

  • Uber sparks Singapore used car rush

    19/07/2016 11:18:39

    Mid Range Used Cars

    Sales of mid range used cars have shot up in the South Asian nation of Singapore with the spread of the taxi service Uber, according to reports.

    Models such as the Toyota Wish, Toyota Vios and Honda Civic have p

  • Tips for buying a used car

    27/05/2016 10:49:53

    Spencer Car Sales

    Buying a quality used car can undoubtedly be a sound financial move, which is why sales are increasing at their highest rate in a decade. But there are some important tips to remember when you're planning to buy a vehicle that's had a pre

  • 4 Advantages of buying used cars

    19/05/2016 09:13:09

    Nearly everyone loves that new car smell, but when in the market for something mid range, there are many advantages of buying used cars.

    1. Cost

  • Mazda MX-5 crowned World Car of the Year

    03/05/2016 16:10:01

    Mazda Mx5

    Get ready for a surge in the popularity of the Mazda MX-5, which was crowned the World Car of the Year at a ceremony in New York last week.

    After several near misses, Mazda finally picked up a gong at the World Car Awards, beating the big German manufacturer

  • Used car sales market enjoys rapid growth

    14/04/2016 11:20:42

    Used Car Image

    Sales of used cars have increased at their fastest rate in 10 years, with almost 1.9 million pre-owned vehicles being sold in just three months in 2015, according to the latest statistics.

    New data from Experian has revealed the number of used cars

  • Range Rover shoots for the stars

    24/03/2016 10:03:31

    Holland & Holland

    Sometimes you just have to look in awe at a special edition Range Rover taken to the extreme. The 2016 Holland & Holland Range Rover Autobiography Black is one such car.

    It’s a little beyond the price range of the casual buye

  • Fond farewell to the Land Rover Defender

    15/03/2016 09:31:45

    land rover defender

    British born and bred, the Land Rover Defender has been produced at the plant in the West Midlands town of Solihull since 1948. With over two million rolling off the production line, Land Rover have decided it’s time to wave goodbye to the Briti

  • Luxury cars to consider in 2016

    25/02/2016 11:41:20

    Luxury Car Image

    Whilst the label of 'luxury car' may get bandied around a lot, it's a turn of phrase many people are confused by. Of course, manufacturers want customers to believe that even their vehicles on the low end of the spectrum are luxury vehicles, but let's be ho

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