• Published: 13 July 2022

As fuel prices continue to climb higher, car buyers are looking for cars which offer the most economic fuel. Recently, there have been new iterations of petrol and diesel engines. As a result, there has been significant improvements in fuel economy.

Generally modern cars are more fuel efficient. This is due to general engineering improvements, greater integration of cruise control functionality and reliance on partial electrification. Plug-in hybrid's are also a great option to consider, due to their ability to run on electric power. 

So, let's begin the top 10 most economic cars this year.

10. Ford Focus – 56.5mpg

The Ford Focus has a 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel engine with returns a respectable 56.5mpg. Moreover, a mild-hybrid Ford Focus is not only popular for being economic on fuel. Its enjoyable driving experience, comfortable cabin and Ford’s generosity with standard levels of equipment make it an all-round car. The facelift its had in 2022 mean its fresh styling also adds appeal. 

9. Suzuki Swift – 57.2mpg

The Swift has a great reputation for delivering efficient, economic fuel usage. No doubt, it is helped along by the mild-hybrid set up of the standard 1.2-litre petrol engine. The reliability of this popular supermini means the Suzuki's smaller dealer network isn’t a dealbreaker. Their basic small car packs an understatedly good punch in driving performance.

8. Kia Picanto – 58.9mpg

The Picanto is perfect for those city dwellers who adore both style and swagger, particularly with their 1.25-litre guise. The Picanto is well-equipped and easy to drive, making it a popular option with its distinct ‘Tiger Nose’ grille and low running costs. The choice of trims and spacious boot are great benefits too. 

7. Skoda Octavia – 65.7mpg 

Like its predecessors, the Octavia is a slightly bigger than most of its rivals. Its spacious rear seat area and a huge boot make it a very sensible purchase - whichever engine you pick. This latest version has big wheels and chrome grilles on the outside, and fancy, albeit optional, infotainment screens on the inside.

6. Vauxhall Astra – 67.3mpg 

The spacious Vauxhall Astra offers plenty of room inside and a choice of fuel efficient engines. Two hallmarks for Vauxhall are value-for-money and choice. Therefore, this explains why they have seven trim levels to choose from with the Astra. This 1.5-litre diesel is available in all seven.

5. Toyota Yaris – 68.8mpg

The bold Toyota Yaris isn’t the only reason it is their bestselling model in the UK. Its brilliant fuel economy for this 1.5-litre petrol hybrid is an impressive selling point too. This Yaris is only available with an automatic gearbox, and they have been generous with the driver assistance tech spec. Even the basic Icon trim gets a 7″ infotainment screen, reverse parking camera and alloy wheels.

4. Volkswagen Golf – 68.9mpg

VW offer petrol, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and diesel versions of its new Golf to entice buyers. Nevertheless, it’s the diesel which makes this list. This 3.0-litre advanced diesel engine uses direct fuel injection and a turbo. Therefore, the VW Golf is surprisingly sharp to drive. In its eighth generation, the Golf is still a great family hatchback, with decent fuel economy to boot.

3. Vauxhall Corsa 70.6mpg

The Vauxhall offers competitive finance offers, using the same 1.5-litre diesel engine and six-speed manual gearbox as the Peugeot 208. This delivers kerb appeal and judicious performance for city driving.

2. Citroen C3 – 70.6mpg 

The C3 is all about comfort, home to one of the softest suspension systems the industry has to offer. This results in drivers being protected from the worst of the UK’s potholes on the roads.

1. Peugeot 208 – 71.4mpg

This second-generation Peugeot 208 is an altogether more fashionable and technology-filled car. Headlining the technological overhaul is Peugeot’s 3D digital display. This projects information, like mph onto a display, in front of the windscreen, while less vital stats are on a different one slightly further back. It looks brilliant and is easy to read. Nevertheless, it will officially do more than 70mpg, which is our biggest priority on this list.

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