• Published: 11 August 2021

Five of the best value electric cars on the market.

The government has recently revised their plug-in grant rules so you are only entitled to receive the £2500 discount if the electric car you are buying has a list price of £35,000. There are still plenty of great electric vehicles that meet the threshold. 

Here are some of our favourites:

Fiat 500 Electric

This car is the ultimate city car. It’s available with two battery pack options, hatch or Cabrio body styles and three different trim levels. Although it may just look like it’s had a facelift compared to its predecessor, it is a completely new car and the detailing and overall look are fantastic. Charging can be complete within 30 minutes. The interior is much more driver-friendly and comfortable.

MINI Electric

The Mini Electric is a great addition to the electric car party. It has the character and comfort of the petrol version but shares much of the engineering of the BMW i3, helping keep the cost down and is actually much cheaper than some of the petrol versions. The battery pack has a lower range than many of its rivals, meaning you will need to plug in after around 145 miles, but as the majority of cars average around 20 miles a day this will suit many.

Volkswagen ID.3

This is Volkswagen's first electric car and they have put everything they have into it. The car has a long range, plenty of space and great value for money  There are two models on offer  -the life pro and life performance- with 58kwh batteries which qualify for the grant and have a 263mile range. This car is quiet, smooth and fast without being outrageous, unlike many of its competitors.

Vauxhall Mokka

The Vauxhall Mokka is a great car to look at and drive. It’s stylish, efficient and has a good battery and motor producing around 134 bhp, which is more powerful than the petrol or diesel versions. It has a range of 201 miles. Whilst it’s refined to drive it’s not particularly sporty but offers a good amount of room and comfort.

Mazda MX-30

Mada’s first electric car, with some great innovative areas of design. One part, in particular, is the cork interior.  Rather than using metal, wood, or plastic to design the interior Mazda have used cork. Normally we are used to seeing this in wine bottles and on pinboards, but it looks surprisingly cool. Like the MINI it shares a small battery at just 35.5 kWh and has a range of 124 miles meaning the car is attractively priced and it’s great fun to drive.


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