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  • We know why the world loves a Quattro

    Audi Quattro

    When the Quattro range first made an appearance on the motoring scene, Audi didn’t really have any idea that things would go as well as they did. After all, Audi was never supposed to be a company which offered luxury or speed. It began life as a Volkswagen subsidiary, taking on its present incarnation in 1969. The wild party days of the sixties were gone, and Germany was about to hit a massive recession. Luxury cars were definitely not part of the plan, and Audi became known as the brand of stark essentials.

    However, when it looked like things were improving for Germany, Audi’s leaders decided to take a chance and offer the optimistic car buyers something a bit different – a four-wheel drive system, which they christened “Quattro”. Several prototypes later, they came up with their first Quattro powered car. Just for fun, they decided to see how far they could take it and paired it with a 2.1-litre turbo engine.

    Realising they had a bit of a speed demon on their hands, Audi entered their Quattro cars into the racing world. In 1984, an A2 with Quattro technology took on rally favourites including Nissan, Peugeot and Opel. Nobody knew what to expect, because new technology like this hadn’t been seen for some time, and the Quattro didn’t disappoint, trouncing its competition.

    Audi knew they had something special, and continued to develop their much-envied Quattro engine, gaining the attention of Porsche, who were keen to be involved, and collaborated on the RS2 project, which combined both Audi and Porsche components. It was a big hit and sold well for six years, by which time it’s successor, the RS4, had landed – and this time, Porsche weren’t needed. Audi were ready to take on the world with performance cars by themselves.

    These days, an Audi Quattro can easily be seen on the same wishlists as Mercedes’ AMG range and BMW’s M Series. At Spencers, we can see why. If you’re looking for prestige cars, Norwich’s favourite dealers, Spencers, is the best place to find a Quattro which will give you the same thrills those first rally drivers got when they took the wheel of an Audi Quattro.